Universidad Nacional de Villa María

The city of Villa María has an important educational infrastructure.
In 1993, there were twenty one institutions providing pre-school education; twenty two providing primary education; fourteen, secondary education and six tertiary-level non-university institutions in Villa María. 
There was also Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Villa María, and an extension of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.  On December 21, 1994, the House of Representatives passed the project of the foundation of UNVM. The project was approved when law Nª 24.484 sanctioned the creation of UNVM with the unanimous vote of the Senate in April, the following year.  Soon after, the National Executive promulgated the law.
In September 1995, the Ministry of Education and Culture appointed CPA Carlos Domínguez as Provisional Rector. 

Agreements with Institutions

In August 1995, cooperation agreements and protocols for the development of academic activities were signed between UNVM and five tertiary level non-university institutions of Villa María:

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