CELE is the center at the National University of Villa María involved in the teaching of the Spanish language and the promotion of the Argentine culture to students from all over the world.

The internationalization of state universities and their transformation into truly multicultural centers is a must in our present times. For this purpose CELE was set up in 2005 as the Center for the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

CELE is a highly strategic institute within UNVM since it fulfills foreign students? needs by providing training in the use of the Spanish language and the Argentine cultural context.

CELE is located on the university campus in Villa María, and is part of the IAPCH ? Instituto Académico-Pedagógico de Ciencias Humanas.

Students who come to study at the center learn Spanish in a friendly academic atmosphere guided by highly qualified native teachers. Visitors are welcomed by this warm environment not only on campus but also in the city of Villa María where students encounter friendly people willing to provide ample opportunities to practise the language outside the classroom.

Foreign students have access to all the modern facilities that UNVM offers its regular students: library, health and sports centers, self-access center, auditorium, TV plateau, computer labs equipped with wireless internet service, cafeteria, photocopier service and transportation.

The language lab is a self-access center furnished with the latest technology available for the practice of foreign languages.

The teaching staff is made up of highly experienced university graduates both in foreign language teaching and researching. Instructors? training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language to English-speaking students was reinforced through the participation in the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program.




Información Adicional:

Para acceder al descuento del 15% sobre la tarifa disponible.

Ingresando al Chat en portugués: AQUI o en la central de ventas 0300 115 2121.

Código Promocional: I0510COR (Curso de Español para extranjeros en Córdoba), informando este código recibirán un descuento del 15% de descuento sobre la tarifa disponible. Tarifas en reales.

Embarques: Entre 16 de julio y 03 de agosto, desde Brasil hacia Córdoba. Ida y vuelta obligatoria.




For more information, enrollment, dates and payment arrangements, please contact us:


CELE ? Centro de Español como Lengua Extranjera

Arturo Jauretche 1555 ? Villa María, 5900, Córdoba, Argentina

Tel: 0054 ? 353 ? 4539125





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